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about the swastika

boom. and no offense was taken. i really am bout that learning life so thank you for the clarification.
ive or angry. & yes the anon seemed to be confused, to say the least. my response was partly came with my hopes of informing them. & sorry if I stress this too much but Hinduism originated in the sub-continent of India, NOT the country India.

about the swastika

just like the Aryan race was appropriated from India by the Nazis the whole swastika was stolen from them as well. I know they do not look the same, but the origin of swastika is indeed from India or hinduism which also finds its origins in India. Also the swastika (which has different names in different cultures but its most well known name is indeed swastika) has different meanings in different cultures. so while i should have specifically addressed each meaning per culture (it was wrong of me to generalize and certainly does erase the differences and cultural intricacies) i didn’t want to lose the obviously remedial anon who seems to have a fleeting intelligence. My apologies if i offended.
It doesn’t mean “Peace”, it is a symbol used (still) for auspiciousness . It is not from Indian culture. It is from Hindu culture. & it looks slightly different from the nazi swastika. lets not reduce elements from my culture please?