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word to the wise…really to the fuckin idiots on here.

i wish sometimes on tumblr ppl would just shut the ENTIRE fuck up when they speak about a space or place they have never been in. i am a cissex woman. so. i dont go telling people who are not about their experiences OR how their experiences aren’t valid.

really imma be honest.

this is mostly to white ppl who have been taught that their opinion is fact,needed,wanted,worthy, or somehow even valid in a space they have no fucking clue about. especially white straight cis males. like shhhhhh for a while and ask yourself…. do i know anything about this situation or gripe from personal experience? will i ever have the opportunity to know? no? then shut up, read it, learn it, and if you are confused GOOGLE it.

when you talk over, derail, add your two (arbitrary ass) cents, and otherwise do anything besides say “yo, thats messed up, i will do better to educate those around me to alleviate said fuckery” then you my dear are an asshat. stop telling women about their boob issues and how its whining.  you dont have tits *and not all women have tits* and stop telling poc that racism doesnt exist in ANY REALM SPACE OR TIME. stop telling transgendered ppl/homosexual/pansexual/ hell any non cis person that they arent natural… they aren’t exactly synthetic. stop acting like what you have to say, i have to hear.and stop tone policing like all these oppressed ppl should just be happy to exist you fucknut.

or im gunna find ya, n im gunna hot grits ya. bc im gettin purty fed up over here.


White supremacy is when White Gay Men TELL BLACK WOMEN that they should be HONORED that a racist stereotype against them is being mimicked and lauded.

White supremacy is forcing Black women into a stereotype and getting upset and insulting them when they do not want to be placed as such.

White supremacy is when white people tell Black people that their ability to use racist stereotypes is more important than respecting the humanity of Black women.

White supremacy is when white gay men believe that they have more of a right to Black women’s identities than BLACK WOMEN.

And of course, this will be reblogged by so called ‘anti-soshul juztiz’ and racist white gay male blogs who don’t give a shit about the people who are fucking harmed by these stereotypes.


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idk why tumblr wont let me add comments to things but i’m trying again.

*bolded for emphasis*

and holding on a religion that sanctioned and encouraged enslavement of africans is ridiculous. also the love of a religion that destroyed our own ancestral love for our OWN religions…. is just fucking dumb. FURTHER FUCKING MORE, slave masters used christianity as a way to manipulate and control slaves.

and let me say something else, religion takes too much cognitive dissonance for me. all merciful and all powerful? what god do you speak of? no god in existence are those things simultaneously or the world wouldnt be the way it is. also…. they gave us religion so we would be complacent with this world treating us like shit so we “look for our heaven while we live in hell” they gave us religion so they could steal the world. and thats real.

and if you’re still a christian after reading this *which im sure the majority of christians still will be* think of this, you are reading less than 90% of the bible. would you read 1 chapter out of a 140 chapter book and say you believed in everything you read without knowing the rest of the book? would you???

google is you friend. -Council of Trent- look it the fuck up.







“Black Folk Don’t”: Do Atheism

I am Black, I am agnostic.

I’m not atheist and don’t I have anything against atheism, but I find this very interesting…I’ve always wondered why Christianity seems to be the only religion practiced and fully excepted by black people.

because we were colonized. 

I generally don’t talk about my atheism much anymore because I think it alienates me from lots of black folk/associates me with the white fuckery of New Atheism.

I don’t talk about my personal faith anymore only because it’s kind of difficult to describe and somehow always leads to arguments.

Religion was never forced down my throat, of course when I was little I had to go but when I hit the preteens I was never really obligated to go. 

My family is Catholic buy my developmental years were spent in a Baptist Cristian school who took a very loving and surprising approach. 

I was a very, VERY flamboyant child, I had gay all but tattooed on my forhead, and somehow I dodged a huge chunk of the homophobia that a lot of gay people encounter when they’re young.

I was allowed to be flamboyant and “girly” and was never made fun of for it by anyone. As a matter of fact, I often had teachers stick up for me when someone did make fun of me. I don’t know if it was out of pity or what.

I guess that why I still consider myself a person of faith, because all of my personal encounters with faith have almost always been positive. 

We were colonized… people thought it was their “mission” to change our faith. It worked! 

On top of that, I feel our status in America puts us in a more likely position to need something to rely on. Some of us need heaven, the “promise land”…. the promise of something better ahead, something more than the violence and attacks on our humanity that we experience every day. 

Christianity can be a vehicle for love and spirituality or a crutch that inhibits one’s ability to think and explore. 

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10 Facts You Need To Know About the Darius Simmons Case


by Bro. David Muhammad of 99Problems.org

1. Spooner was known by his neighbors, police, and local officials as a gun collector. In the past reported burglary, Spooner alleged that four shotguns were taken.

2. The police had already done an investigation several days prior of burglaries at Spooner’s residence, including an interview with Simmons’ family, concluding that no one in from his household was involved. Patricia Larry, Simmons’ mother, had only lived in the home for a month.

3. Spooner saw Alderman Bob Donovan, a casual acquaintance, at a restaurant earlier that morning, venting his anger at the police response to his home being burglarized, stating “there are other ways to deal with situations” that police couldn’t solve.

4. Simmons and his mother were taking out the garbage when, Spooner confronted and threatened Simmons. His mother attempted to verbally defend her son against the accusations when Spooner drew his 9mm.

5. Spooner shot Simmons with a 9mm handgun five feet away from him in the chest, in front of his mother.

6. Simmons was shot once in the chest with his hands raised. He ran to escape and collapsed at the corner, while Spooner attempted to shoot him in the back, and tried to fire a third shot.

7. After police arrived, Darius’s body remained on the sidewalk, while police questioned his mother, Patricia Larry, in a squad car for approximately two hours.

8. During the police investigation of the shooting, they searched Ms. Larry’s home again. Finding nothing, they then proceeded to arrest his older brother for having truancy tickets.

9. In contrast, Spooner’s family was allowed to go into the home and remove “items” despite it being the crime scene.

10. John Spooner was given a $300,000 bail, (only $30,000 would have to be posted for him to be free). This is uncommon when the charge is murder in the first degree.

You may ask, in a city with such high rates of violent crime, particularly among people of color, why this case matters?

In the same way that the Frank Jude case exposed the racist element of the Milwaukee Police Department, this tragedy reveals the pervasive mindset that sees black and brown youth as criminals, guilty until proven innocent. Already, the media has attempted to portray the confessed murderer as a sad victim of crime, who had enough and decided to take it out on the wrong person. For Milwaukee media, Spooner is being characterized as “Falling Down” versus “Menace II Society.”

A deeper look reveals that even the police showed more sympathy for the murderer than for the victim or his family. Even many in the black community, upon first hearing about it, summed it up as “Southside Milwaukee” racism; as though it was the fault of the mother for living across the viaduct from the predominately black north side.

The incident also exposes the deep segregation of Milwaukee’s urban communities. Many in the black community still do not travel across the viaduct that Father Groppi led marchers across in the ’60s. The 16th Street area is now the heart of the Hispanic community, with many African-Americans calling it home. It is worth noting, that it was the Southside Organizing Committee and Alderman Jose Perez, who came to aid the family, offering a sign of potential black and brown coalition building.

What is clear is that Spooner was a white hold out in a neighborhood that had turned Hispanic and black, two communities who suffer violence daily but still don’t generalize about its perpetrators. Spooner on the other hand, was armed to the teeth and, installed surveillance cameras, had a dog, and still didn’t feel safe. Perhaps he was more threatened that a black family had moved in, just one month earlier, automatically making a 13-year-old boy a suspect in his eyes.

I need this a) to have more notes and b) to get discussed on mainstream news so that white people will actually see it. yall privilege is out of control.

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Jezebel: My Jewish Abortion



Jezebel: My Jewish Abortion


This is a fabulous crosspost on Jezebel today. The author talks about how she was a 19-year-old freshman at Berekeley facing an unwanted pregnancy with an added dose of Nice Jewish Girl guilt. Not to mention the $250 copay for an abortion.

Her doctor noticed her Star of David necklace and told her about a Jewish organization that would give her a scholarship for the money she needed. So not only did she get her unwanted pregnancy taken care of in a safe, timely manner, she also found out that so many Nice Jewish Girls have crossed this path before her that they have a special fund set aside for it. It’s actually pretty heartwarming.

jesus christ…. where is this for poor shat on brown and black women? excuse my obvious selfishness here but fuck. cant we just? i mean? why cant we have a fund and a support group and forgiveness…..

i have strong feelings about this. very.strong.feel.ings

We don’t get one. We’re not assumed “Nice Jewish Girls.” We’re “Nasty Black/Brown Girls.” Of course that kind of shit would happen to us, we’re trash. No support needed for trash.

RIGHT! its like we arent deserving automatically, because somehow we should have the wisdom, money, and support to know better and do better…. not that we are facing the same (and lets face it a hell of a lot more) problems than the simple nice jewish girl who accidentally got pregnant. its like… what in the fuck. we’re stupid, welfare queen sluts, all while supposedly being super smart and rich enough to NOT NEED SUPPORT. fuck this shit.

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swedens racist arts… part 1million.

lets just keep it all the way funky, their inability to see this as offensive is because they are unable to see black people and culture as real and worthy of empathy. not sympathy but muhfuckin empathy.


The racism involved removed any good intentions and or message that may be involved. This was not an innocently done. The fact that swedes have a long history of boldy using black face and the long history of the image of a black female body being made as something to redicule, harm, and violate etc.

“The poor white people are not poor white people they know exactly what they are doing and they are aware it’s offensive and do not care. They are not innocent and this is horrific.


Now, before you judge, read more about the actual intentions of this ‘performance’ here.

I love art, I consider myself an artists, HOWEVER, I’m starting to think there needs to be some censoring because we artists love to use the shock factor SOOO much to get a point across for whatever cause we they want to highlight and instead end up compounding the problem. I GET IT, I get what this artist was trying to do, BUT if at the end of the day you get reactions that have absolutely NOTHING to do with your cause… The focus of this was apparently supposed to be FGM (female genital mutilation) or female circumcision, but now the focus is how racist this is. The poor white folk in these videos and photos are not to blame, it was bizarre/painful/shocking and sometimes you just end up laughing. I would have thought with recent race related issues the artist would have had some sense or know a thing or two about blackface and how it is still a sensitive issue and that he may be a little responsible here. Just google his name (Makode Aj Linde) now and see for yourself. I’m trying not to slam the artist, I don’t know his intentions or his work, however, this is a case of great idea, poor execution and I have to wonder whether artists who use this kind of approach are just trying to get attention (Lady Gaga??) rather than whatever higher calling they pretend to try to call attention to.

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Grace Bol photographed by Toto Cullen in “Full of Grace”.

gorgeous. people pay out the yang for cheek bones and lips like this *looks at kim kardashian*

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin a 17 year old black boy, was murdered by his white neighbor (zimmerman) while walking home from the store. His white neighbor said that he shot 17 year old Trayvon in the chest in the name of self defense. Zimmerman exited his car to shoot Trayvon after calling 911…. police only found Skittles and Ice Tea on the murdered boy. Zimmerman was not arrested. This is what America is for black people in 2012. so yes, Professor Bell was right, Civil rights was a sham. You cant even walk in your own neighborhood without being shot and then the white counterpart (because lets face it if he were black he wouldve) going free possibly to kill ANOTHER black neighbor walking home from the store. You cant even count on the police to not kill you. 2 murders of unarmed black males in new orleans BY THE POLICE. THIS is america. THIS happened THIS week. now look me in the eye and tell me its equal here. tell me that my life carries the same value as a white persons. lie to me. tell me these sweet american lies.


and i’m starting a petition to the D.A. i’ll circulate in a moment.


Awards Show Monologue of the Day: 2012 Independent Spirit Awards host Seth Rogen shows other awards show hosts (you know who you are) how it’s done, with a killer 15 minute monologue that takes down movies, movie stars, movie awards, and even saves room for a Chris Brown jab (skip to 5:23) — all with the curse words left refreshingly unbleeped.


except for the part where… if you beat the shit out of a woman and you’re a white male then you do get an oscar and invited to oscars *whaddup josh brolin* fuck you can even rape someone and get an oscar if you’re white *heeeyyyy roman polanski* 

lets chill…. chris brown is a horrible little unapologetic turd, but these unapologetic white men (yo sean penn with ya gold statue too) get to be unapologetic for their violence against women because they are white. black men? nah, ALWAYS APOLOGIZE. i’m not mad at the chris brown anger. hes a fucktard. i’m mad at the lack of anger or the general amnesia about the fucked up shit white powerful people get to do and still get rewards/awards because they are white and powerful. fuck off dailywhat. you’re being a sheeple.

oh and didn’t Seth Rogan rape Anna Farris on screen or something of that nature? nice. way to go. hate women beaters love rape culture. ohhhh seth. sit on a rusty nail and spin.

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I will reblog ANYTHING that involves someone talking about what a piece of shit Chris Brown is.


I fucking love when people troll on Chris Brown, it makes my day I swear.

Seth Rogan, lets get married and have perfect Jewish babies together <3 <3

Okay, but fucking Sean Penn has two Oscars, Nicolas Cage has an Oscar, Michael Fassbender was nominated for a Golden Globe and has won several (slightly less prestigious) awards, Mel Gibson (nominee for worst person in Hollywood) has two Oscars, and I could go on. WHY IS IT THAT ALL OF WHITE HOLLYWOOD IS ALLOWED TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE AND CONTINUE TO WIN THINGS AND BE INVITED PLACES, AND NOBODY SEEMS TO FUCKING CARE?

going to reblog again because this is a white patriarchal world and thats why white men get to offend and commit crimes and still be rewarded. white women too. so i guess its a white world THEN a white mans world. at least in entertainment (think Adele vs MIA middle finger debacle, think Madonna making out with Britney AND Christina vs Nipple Gate, think… well fuck just think)

and is chris brown wrong? fuck yea, but aren’t all those other schmucks… didnt roman polanski rape someone? didnt woody allen fuck his 17 year old stepdaughter? right.


[The young black males are] shuttled into prisons, branded as criminals and felons, and then when they’re released, they’re relegated to a permanent second-class status, stripped of the very rights supposedly won in the civil rights movement — like the right to vote, the right to serve on juries, the right to be free of legal discrimination and employment, and access to education and public benefits. Many of the old forms of discrimination that we supposedly left behind during the Jim Crow era are suddenly legal again, once you’ve been branded a felon.

In her book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, legal scholar Michelle Alexander writes that many of the gains of the civil rights movement have been undermined by the mass incarceration of black Americans in the war on drugs. (via nprfreshair)

and america is the prison capital of the world. the world. more people in prison than china, cuba, south america. with the most people of color imprisoned you would think that people of color commit the most crimes? nope.OR that they are caught more frequently. on the contrary, PoC are just tried more frequently. now aint that some racist shit. white people are literally exempt from the same legal system that rapes you and never lets you forget it. and of course they are… they created the legal system. it only makes sense who would be exempt from it.

fuck.americas.legal.system.with.aids. (and the people who benefit from it at the oppression of others)

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the difference in language (i curse)

To hear people discuss, disect, and then denigrate “foul” language and “ebonics” makes me stop and think… ‘who the fuck are you to judge’ its usually the same people who believe that there is a superior language…

and lets define this “superior” language fuckery. Its usually closely linked to “the Kings” language (think english and spanish) so this oppressive white force which has denigrated you and devalued your culture even down to what is beautiful has also told you that your language… the very way you form your mouth and push your tongue against your teeth is wrong. And perhaps if you took your origin out of your speech, took the lilt out of your speech that you shared with your grandmother which was passed down from her grandmother… that you will be accepted into this world.

because there are good and bad cultures apparently, and yours aint shit.

are we so… novel, that we can be mocked for the very language that helped us survive in the same hovels we were thrown in? yet we are supposed to embrace the language that is telling of the very education we were, (and when you look at funding) are currently denied.

its the most asinine, Stockholm syndrome driven dribble ever. Yes, it’s ok and even prudent to teach children what “turn coat” is. Shit we still live in a racial society. My difference in name and language makes me less of a person just because they are so closely associated with MY skin color. 

ebonics? ebonics didn’t just come from a break down of education, it came from penal colonies being sent to settle the south, from African descendants speaking a foreign tongue under force. from a creation of a culture torn asunder and forced to assume their oppressors language.

so is it wrong if i speak differently than you? no. no it isn’t. do you speak a better language? no. thats some patriarchal, classist, racist shit if i’ve ever heard it. rich white people do NOT get to deem what is right and wrong. they do NOT get to say what is beautiful, what is disgusting, what is love, what is marriage. they’ve fucked the world thus far by being morally bankrupt and running everything into the ground. so allow me to seize my words back from them.

They do not get to call my home a ghetto. they do not get to privatize my home for their profit. they do not get to destroy public education and public health facilities in order to horde the right of these things and make them privilege (see New Orleans privitization of HUD, charity hospital, and destruction of public schools for the sake of charter schools)

and they also don’t get to say what in the flipping fuck is vulgar. i don’t give a stinky runny shit what YOU think is vulgar about MY language. is it harmful? does it hurt you? does it do anything besides express MY thoughts and feelings? nope. 

so stop. maybe you should open your mind about your superiorty complex about language. its a start. it may also help you address your problems with other genders, races, religions, gender PREFERENCES, sexes, and classes. because let’s be all the way real, if you think your language is superior to another’s then you are an ignorant (by websters definition) shitty pants fucktard (by MY definition).

and i know that was a rambling grammatical erroneous mess but really fuck that shit too. 

but we are not… we are strong. how many families could make it with just one? with so much burden… if that does not make us great…

because we are often reminded of how broken our families are….

never lose that zest for life. conquer anything in your path.

never lose that zest for life. conquer anything in your path.