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you see….

white people always want to bring up welfare and explain their disgust for people depending on the government while ignoring the system that has them dependent on the government. Demand money go to schools and after school programs. demand companies keep their production here instead of shipping them all over the world. demand real life justice and equality in the legal system….

and also… yall get off welfare. lol yall hold the majority of that shit in YOUR community becky lee bob.


None of yall want to talk about how the damn government and rich white folks dependency on Black ppl too feed, clothe, till, work, nurse, and mammy yall kids. yall mad about some shit now, when you still benefit the free labor yall got wellllll into the damn jim crow era. and dont even act like you dont benefit from slave labor prisons create…. you think its a coinkydink that white people commit more crimes but black and brown people are prosecuted at a higher rate?


white ppl LOVE free shit. so much so that they will enslave ppl for it. so miss me with that welfare shit.

idk why tumblr wont let me add comments to things but i’m trying again.

*bolded for emphasis*

and holding on a religion that sanctioned and encouraged enslavement of africans is ridiculous. also the love of a religion that destroyed our own ancestral love for our OWN religions…. is just fucking dumb. FURTHER FUCKING MORE, slave masters used christianity as a way to manipulate and control slaves.

and let me say something else, religion takes too much cognitive dissonance for me. all merciful and all powerful? what god do you speak of? no god in existence are those things simultaneously or the world wouldnt be the way it is. also…. they gave us religion so we would be complacent with this world treating us like shit so we “look for our heaven while we live in hell” they gave us religion so they could steal the world. and thats real.

and if you’re still a christian after reading this *which im sure the majority of christians still will be* think of this, you are reading less than 90% of the bible. would you read 1 chapter out of a 140 chapter book and say you believed in everything you read without knowing the rest of the book? would you???

google is you friend. -Council of Trent- look it the fuck up.







“Black Folk Don’t”: Do Atheism

I am Black, I am agnostic.

I’m not atheist and don’t I have anything against atheism, but I find this very interesting…I’ve always wondered why Christianity seems to be the only religion practiced and fully excepted by black people.

because we were colonized. 

I generally don’t talk about my atheism much anymore because I think it alienates me from lots of black folk/associates me with the white fuckery of New Atheism.

I don’t talk about my personal faith anymore only because it’s kind of difficult to describe and somehow always leads to arguments.

Religion was never forced down my throat, of course when I was little I had to go but when I hit the preteens I was never really obligated to go. 

My family is Catholic buy my developmental years were spent in a Baptist Cristian school who took a very loving and surprising approach. 

I was a very, VERY flamboyant child, I had gay all but tattooed on my forhead, and somehow I dodged a huge chunk of the homophobia that a lot of gay people encounter when they’re young.

I was allowed to be flamboyant and “girly” and was never made fun of for it by anyone. As a matter of fact, I often had teachers stick up for me when someone did make fun of me. I don’t know if it was out of pity or what.

I guess that why I still consider myself a person of faith, because all of my personal encounters with faith have almost always been positive. 

We were colonized… people thought it was their “mission” to change our faith. It worked! 

On top of that, I feel our status in America puts us in a more likely position to need something to rely on. Some of us need heaven, the “promise land”…. the promise of something better ahead, something more than the violence and attacks on our humanity that we experience every day. 

Christianity can be a vehicle for love and spirituality or a crutch that inhibits one’s ability to think and explore. 

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