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Popular Seattle Teacher Forced Out for Teaching Kids About Racism








wooowww. so how come a teacher leading an anti-racist discussion should have to warn parents beforehand that white children may find the conversation “distressing,” yet teachers talking about slavery, christopher columbus, andrew jackson, the mexican-american war, etc, in the usual apologetic or glorified manner, don’t have to warn parents beforehand that children of color may find the conversation very distressing???

fuckin CHURCH. should I have been warned when we talked about melanin in the human physiology class, and I was pointed the fuck out with a fucking light laugh about how I would be better protected than the fucking ginger behind me? No? How about the English class featuring Mark Twain and his adoration for the word ‘nigger’, when we were instructed to "just read it." 

Should somebody have fucking warned me about all that “emotional distress”? Hmm? 

Funny how no one warns non-white children that actual racism (casual, institutional otherwise) is distressing.

What the FLAMING SHIT?? Not sure how I didn’t catch this sooner but… Seriously? Jon Greenberg was my teacher and I remember those classes; I remember all the lil WASP and WASC kids looking like they got their faces slapped when they were made known of how fucking rough it often was for people who weren’t of various European decent. I just remember looking at Jon and saying, “White folk need a class to realize this?” Now, I am caucasian, but I am not the right kind of caucasian. I’m a brownish skinned middle easterner with an odd shaped nose and a weird first and last name, so while I may not have it as bad as a black kid, it’s still kinda rough. All the back ground checks, pointless searches, detainment, scrutiny and harassment that I have to go through and some white girl has the GALL to go to the School Board and declare that listening to and forming a dialog about what her fellow Americans have to live through on a daily basis makes her UNCOMFORTABLE?? REALLY? And torpedo the WHOLE DAMN CLASS? Transfer one of the few teachers that really GIVES A DAMN? I didn’t think this would bother me; I haven’t thought about my highschool years in damn near 8 years; but this infuriates me, because I remember those classes and I respected Jon as a teacher. This.. and the school board just goes with this? Wow, I just dont know anymore.

^^^ This comment speaks VOLUMES.

contact information to Center School of Seattle - give em hell tumblr. I’m calling the Ombudsman and Superintendent

District Ombudsman

The District Ombudsman serves as an independent, confidential resource to assist SPS parents and community members in resolving problems, complaints, conflicts, and other school-related issues when normal procedures have failed. Click on the links for the process for resolving a conflict and the online complaint form. You can contact the Ombudsman at (206) 252-0529 or ombudsman@seattleschools.org.

Office of the Superintendent

To reach Superintendent José L. Banda, call (206) 252-0180 or email superintendent@seattleschools.org. The mailing address is Office of the Superintendent, MS: 32-150, P.O. Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.

Our Support Center staff can help connect you with the person, department or service you are looking for. Call the Support Center at (206) 252-0010.

By E-mail

You can contact our Support Center staff by e-mail at servicecenter@seattleschools.org.

In Person

Our district headquarters are located at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence. If you choose to talk with us in person, please call ahead to make an appointment so that we can spend time with you.

Street Address:
Seattle Public Schools
John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence
2445 3rd Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98134
Map & Driving Directions

By Mail

Mail to:
Name/Department Name/Mailstop
Seattle Public Schools
PO Box 34165
Seattle, WA 98124-1165


For emergencies, contact Safety & Security at (206) 252-0707.

….there’s a reason why mothers cry when their babies are 1st vaccinated

Maybe because they can sense the ‘preservatives’ that are known carcinogens being pushed through their helpless childs bodies….mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde and other toxic materials are used in vaccines to help them keep for longer shelf times. But check out this link… apparently it IS all for not. @LoveINpower: The USA requires more infant vaccinations than any other nation, yet it ranks 34th in infant mortality. Learn more: http://t.co/g51cOsO

OO-OOP :o)

Today in 1875, Mary McLeod Bethune was born in Maysville, South Carolina. She is most known for starting an African American School in Daytona Beach Florida currently call Bethune-Cookman University. She also was adviser to president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Today in 1875, Mary McLeod Bethune was born in Maysville, South Carolina. She is most known for starting an African American School in Daytona Beach Florida currently call Bethune-Cookman University. She also was adviser to president Franklin D. Roosevelt.


They say we aren’t smart enough to vote on abortion, war, or bail outs….

but they sure as hell aren’t putting money in schools so that we could at least pretend to be smarter (as opposed to indoctrinated)… one has to question why they do not want us smart.

why do they want us to not have universal healthcare?

why do they want “minorities” to not like mexican immigrants?

why isn’t education “important” anymore?

Questioning the status quo is part of being a revolutionary. Hell its part of Democracy. Viva la revolucion

students storm the Tuscon board meeting which would determine the fate of the Ethnic Studies program. Every Revolution starts with a small group of united, dedicated people.